Fontenot And TOOTBLAN — I Mean Theriot: Reunited

For some inexplicable reason, this happened today. I cannot begin to figure out what this means for the Giants, as Ryan Theriot is the reason for Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop.

I mean, the alternatives are frightening — because, really, who wants Miguel Tejada back on this team? The 40-man roster already has people that will make anyone question whether or not this infield would be decent. Emmanuel Burriss, Brandon Crawford, Brett Pill, Conor Gillaspie. Crawford can field, though, so there’s that advantage with him. But Brett Pill why.

Sure, Theriot will probably be better than Burriss, but the TOOTBLAN history just makes me think that another Eugenio Velez could be within the confines of Mays Field and honestly, the Giants do not need another Pickoff Von Ironglove. One of those was enough.

Ryan Theriot, he of the .292 wOBA in 2011. And the .070 ISO in 2011. And the career wRAA of -28.7. With the career OPS of .697.

I guess he’s back with his BFF Mike Theriot. And it’s better than most of the alternatives. And is probably the best shortstop the Giants can get right now.

It’s gonna be a long season.


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