Guest Blog: Making A Push For The Fan Cave

Few get the potential option to actually pack up and move to New York specifically to watch baseball. That’s the case for fifty semifinalists vying for a spot in the 2012 MLB FanCave. The finalists selected will be able to live in the Fan Cave in NYC, watch every single game of the 2012 MLB season, meet and interview numerous players and celebrities, and compete in challenges to stay in the cave throughout the season. 22,000 hopefuls applied for the Fan Cave, and Ally Williams is one of the Top 50 semifinalists.

By Ally Williams

My parents raised me the right way. I’ve loved baseball since I can first remember. There were the days of Candlestick, where I have my first few recollections of the San Francisco Giants, but most of my memories come from AT&T Park. I was only ten when our team moved to Third and King but I still have my hat with the Opening Day patch sewn in. I wear it to every game, and it has yet to fail me.

I played competitive softball throughout high school, and love everything about the beautiful sport. Well, everything except diving for a grounder…not a good thing to dislike when you’re a shortstop. Regardless, the field is my second home. I love the way the dirt smells after it rains, and I enjoy the fact that my steering wheel cover smells like my old softball glove.

Plus, when I was a teenager, softball was the only way I had a chance of waking up before noon. I actually enjoyed the five or six AM sunrise. I still feel like I’m on my way to a tournament if I’m awake that early.

This MLB Fan Cave is essentially everything I’ve been working towards through my internships and education – just ask me for my resume. I want to eventually end up working for MLB Network, but the MLB FanCave is such a exciting idea right now! I love keeping up with celebrities, am irreversibly addicted to social media (Need proof? Follow me on Twitter – @itsallyduhh), and have an extremely unhealthy obsession with baseball.

Please help send this Giants fan to NYC. While I would miss San Francisco, live baseball games and garlic fries, this is an opportunity that comes once. I’ll think of living in New York as residing in the original stomping grounds of the New York Giants, and enjoy the ride.


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