Seriously? Lincecum With Back Stiffness and Villalona Has … Some Medical Problem

Seriously, Giants. Seriously. (Photo: Susan Sharpless Smith/flickr)

So this is the information from Hank Schulman/SF Chronicle:

Manager Bruce Bochy said Tim Lincecum’s back stiffness, which prevented him from throwing a scheduled bullpen session today, is not serious and nowhere near as concerning as Ryan Vogelsong’s strained back.


Meanwhile, team executive Bobby Evans said that first baseman Angel Villalona’s visa to enter the United States from the Dominican Republic has been delayed, which means Villalona will not be able to report with the rest of the position players Thursday.

Evans said the P-1 visa that allows players to work in the United States requires them to be “elite athletes” in top physical condition. The U.S. government has decided that Villalona does not meet that requirement because of a combination of excessive weight and an ongoing medical condition that the team cannot divulge due to federal health privacy laws.

It’s day three of spring training. Lincecum with a stiff back? This should not be happening. Are you trying to be Rich Harden? All of you? No.

And Villalona … what’s there to say with that? Especially with all the other injuries going on. What is exactly new at this point?

The biggest question that should be asked now is who won’t be injured during spring training?

Ryan Vogelsong, Charlie Culberson, Tim Lincecum, and Angel Villalona are out of the running.


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