Woody’s News Roundup Feb 24, 2012

(Thomas Hawk/flickr)

Hank Schulman wrote:

Second baseman Freddy Sanchez is the first to acknowledge he will not know how his surgically repaired right shoulder will feel when he makes a long throw to first on a double play or dives for a grounder.

Based on how he feels now, though, Sanchez is optimistic that he will be in the Opening Day lineup.

Stay healthy, Freddy. Please stay healthy.

No one wants to deal with any more injuries.

Woody commands you to stay healthy.

And Alex Pavlovic wrote:

Brian Wilson threw today and looked good. But Sergio Romo didn’t need to see Wilson’s session to know the closer will be ready for Opening Day.

Okay, good. Now you stay healthy, too. No more injuries. You hear that? No injuries.


2 thoughts on “Woody’s News Roundup Feb 24, 2012

  1. I was thinking that I was going to start a “Injury Counter” widget in the sidebar of Oaktown Breakdown, but I feel like maybe I should let you have that idea inside /:

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