Woody’s News Roundup Feb 27, 2012

(Thomas Hawk/flickr)

Former Giants catcher Bengie Molina has retired, says Andrew Baggarly. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Alex Pavlovic reports that both Matt Cain and Pablo Sandoval took a couple of … let’s say, “hits that make people bust out the bubble wrap.”

Matt Cain and Pablo Sandoval took separate shots during BP today, but both said they are fine. Cain got smoked by a Hector Sanchez liner but doesn’t intend to start using an ‘L’ screen for protection, like some pitchers do.

But really boys, have you not listened at all? Or used the bubble wrap coupon that was provided for you in an open letter?

Now here’s some … rather interesting (for lack of a better word) trivia, brought to you by two tweets from Hank Schulman:

Got my biggest scoop of the spring today: Eli Whiteside kept his World Series ring in his underwear drawer all winter. Now, in a bank vault.

To clarify, the ring is in the bank vault, not Eli’s underwear.

Well. The more you know.


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