Woody’s News Roundup – March 6, 2012

(Thomas Hawk/flickr)

The Giants are currently 2-2 in Cactus League play, so feel free to be pleased or horrified by that as you see fit. No one has blown up yet, so I’m calling it a success so far. More importantly, they beat the Dodgers today, and I don’t care if it’s a meaningless Spring Training game or not, that always feels good.

A few tidbits from that victory over the Dodgers from this afternoon:

In other news, Dan Runzler apparently got reassuring news from Dr. James Andrews. Runzler will likely not be ready until sometime the second half of April, but will not require surgery to repair the re-aggravated injury to his left lat.

And, because no news update would be complete without Buster Posey, San Francisco’s most beloved son was running the bases today, at about 60-70% of normal, including touching the bases and taking the curves going first to third and second to home. Progress, if nothing else, is always a good sign.


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