Woody’s News Roundup — Mar 9, 2012

(Thomas Hawk/flickr)

Good ol’ Bochy kicked out a scout from the park the other day. Which, okay, then.

From Yahoo! Sports:

Manager Bruce Bochy had a scout from the Los Angeles Angels – a team not even in the same league as his San Francisco Giants – removed from the stands a few days ago.

That’s not all there is to the story, according to the same article.

The Giants tried to portray the incident as adhering to policy, but within hours they announced that opposing scouts can watch workouts and take notes to their hearts’ content. Two sources said Giants scouts were worried they’d be banished from other stadiums as payback. Giants general manager Brian Sabean said it was all a misunderstanding.

So. Yeah. That.

The Giants are causing a ruckus and Opening Day is still a little less than a month away. Or so it seems. This will probably die down by the time the season begins, but it’s better than hearing someone is injured. Again.

Lefty Madison Bumgarner will be getting a one year deal, Hank Schulman blogs at the San Francisco Chronicle:

There will be no long-term deal for pitcher Madison Bumgarner, at least not at the moment.

The Giants and the 22-year-old left-hander have reached agreement on a one-year deal, The Chronicle has learned. I don’t have the exact figure yet, but I’m told it’s close to the $575,000 that Buster Posey earned last year when his service time was close to what Bumgarner’s is now.

The Giants have until Sunday to reach contract agreements with all of their players not yet eligible for salary arbitration. Bumgarner and Posey are the two biggest names in that category.

For the meantime, I would have to say that this is a reasonable deal at a good price — for both sides. It would be great to see a long term deal for both Bumgarner and Posey sometime soon, however.


2 thoughts on “Woody’s News Roundup — Mar 9, 2012

  1. While it doesn’t make any sense to me at all why he would do that, I want to know WHY the Angels had a scout there.

    I do not want ANY of those Giants pitchers (except Barry Zito) to be in the same division as the A’s. CJ Wilson, Jered Weaver and Dan Haren is enough!!

    • Yeah, I wanna know why there was an Angels scout there, too. Because I’ll be really, really angry if Lincecum, Cain, or Bumgarner are gone. The Angels can have Zito, lol.

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