Woody’s News Roundup Mar 15, 2012

(Thomas Hawk/flickr)

Buster Posey hit a home run yesterday! I mean — In yesterday’s spring training game, Buster Posey proceeded to launch the baseball over the fence and promptly rounded the bases for a home run.

Sure, it’s just a spring training game, but it’s enough to bust out the feels bucket because it’s Buster, Buster Posey.

(No, there will not be a link to that version of the Lady Gaga hit. YouTube it yourself.)

Alex Pavlovic has an update on Ryan Vogelsong:

No. 4 starter Ryan Vogelsong threw his most strenuous bullpen session of the spring and was so impressive that the Giants expect him to pitch a live batting practice session Saturday.

Vogelsong (strained back) threw 22 pitches in the first portion of his session, then sat down for five minutes. He returned for 28 more pitches, airing it out with his fastball and throwing all his breaking pitches from the windup and stretch.

“He really looked game-ready,” said Bochy, who stood in the batter’s box to get a good view. “That’s how well I thought he threw today. He was hitting his spots and had good velocity.”

Awesome. Now stay healthy, Vogey.


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