Woody’s News Roundup Mar 27, 2012: More Giants Injuries

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Andrew Baggarly reports that Buster Posey is considered to be ready to get behind the plate:

Buster Posey caught a spring-high seven innings on Monday, and when he returned to the dugout, manager Bruce Bochy had one question for him.

“How do you feel about catching tomorrow?”

Posey said he was up for it. That’s exactly what Bochy wanted to hear, since Tim Lincecum will be on the mound against the Los Angeles Angels — and the Giants’ projected opening-day battery still hasn’t teamed together this spring.

This is also what every Giants fan wants to hear at this point.

Now please take the bubble wrap for precautionary measures.

But then there’s the broken.

From Alex Pavlovic’s blog post:

Freddy Sanchez had a cortisone shot Sunday and will be out until at least Wednesday. Moves won’t become official until next week, but it’s easy to see that Sanchez will begin the season on the disabled list, and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel at this point.

We’re nearly eight months from his shoulder surgery and Sanchez still can’t throw with the force that Bochy needs to see. It could be a while before he’s back in the big league lineup.

Freddy, I don’t want to see that Emmanuel Burriss is the Opening Day second baseman, so please heal as quickly and as completely as possible. Please? Pretty please?

I saw Eric Surkamp walk out of the clubhouse three times today. The first time, he was going to get an MRI. The second time, he was trying to hold out hope that his elbow irritation was just inflammation.

Oh, Surkamp. Please don’t be hurt. The Giants don’t have any other real options for a starting pitcher, so please don’t be hurt.

From Extra Baggs:

It’s turning into one of those springs for Ryan Theriot. He hasn’t looked too dependable with the glove, and after leaving Monday’s game, let’s hope he didn’t have any expensive family portraits scheduled in the near term.

Theriot tried a snap tag on a pickoff play and it backfired in a bad way. The ball glanced off his glove, hit the runner and ricocheted right off Theriot’s nose. He was “bleeding profusely,” in manager Bruce Bochy’s description, but X-rays ruled out a fracture.

Theriot had been day-to-day with a mild ankle injury.

Seriously? This is a joke, right? All these injuries have to be a joke.

At least Ryan Vogelsong’s outing went well, as reported by Henry Schulman:

Though there were a fair number of negatives for the Giants on that list, the biggest development Monday was Ryan Vogelsong’s Cactus League debut, which was a smashing success.

Vogelsong threw 39 pitches in a 4-2 victory against the Royals and was so economical, he lasted into the third inning. He allowed two doubles, one of which should have been ruled an error on Nate Schierholtz, walked none and struck out Billy Butler and Mike Moustakas on curveballs.

At least there’s something out there that would make Giants fans a tiny bit cheery amidst the injury news.


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