Woody’s News Roundup Mar 29, 2012: The One Where The Giants Add A Catbox To The Ballpark

The Giants are in the midst of making a number of new upgrades to the ballpark. And also adding a catbox.

But first, the most amazing plane ever to fly:

As part of its partnership with the Giants, Virgin America will put this plane into service on April 2. Fly the beard!

Other park renovations will include urinals with window views of the city (wut?), a McCovey’s Restaurant stand (yum), removing all the concession carts on the promenade (to open up the views), an Anchor Brewery bar behind the scoreboard (yay!) and a Corona Beach Hut seating area (LOL). This is a seating area that will have sand. Like a catbox. Because of reasons, I guess. Check out @SFGiantsFans twitpics for pictures taken today of the new stuff.

Matt Cain remains unsigned beyond 2012. Rumors had suggested that the Giants made Cain a lowball offer. Larry Baer responded to those rumors today (via Alex Pavlovic):

Baer on Cain: “There’s been a lot of mischaracterizations with hard-and-fast deadlines or we’re lowballing him. Those are uneducated.”

Did Baer just call Jon Heyman stupid?

Baer also addressed Brandon Belt’s unresolved status as Opening Day approaches:

I think it changes day-to-day and I don’t think the decision has been made because it’s all going to come down to sending the best 25 back to Arizona to open the season April 6. We know at a minimum we’ve got a big part of our future in Brandon Belt. The question is what’s most productive for the 2012 Giants and what’s most productive for Brandon Belt and his development cycle.

Aargh. I want Belt on the Opening Day roster. I really do.

Aaron Rowand was released by the Miami Marlins today:

Aaron Rowand signed a minor league deal with the Marlins back in December, but it never got beyond that, as the Marlins released him today.  Don’t cry for Rowand, though: he’s still being paid on that five-year, $60 million deal the Giants gave him.

I’m crying. But not for Rowand. For the 10% of the 2012 payroll being locked up on this guy.

The best news of the day? The Giants open the season in just 8 days. Yay! And also, I want this:


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