The Giants Announce 25 Man Roster: It Actually Makes Sense!

Let’s start here:

Okay, sounds good. Not bad, not great, but good. Decent. Eli Whiteside being sent down to AAA Fresno makes sense. Having Hector Sanchez up is a bit iffy, though. Mainly because it seems like he could use a little more time in AAA.

Okay, not bad, not bad.

Wait. Brandon Belt is free? This is real life? He’s made the big league roster?

This dolphin accurately describes the feelings Giants fans might have upon hearing the news that Belt is a free giraffe, baby.

(I am choosing to ignore that Pill made the club or I will choose to believe that he is solely a bench player who doesn’t start at 1B)

Of course, this was the news last night:

Three catchers? Say again?

Yeah, it’s just as absurd as it continues to sound. But wait. There was some news today on that front.

Wait, seriously? No way.


Wow. I can safely say that I didn’t see that one coming. However, on the whole, this sounds like a solid roster. Wait —

I don’t have any words, Giants. No words.


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