Post-Game Recap: Pablo Sandoval, Brett Pill Hits Home Run, Giants Still Lose

(Photo by Rob Shenk/Flickr)

Sound the alarms because the Giants have lost the first two games of the season! The sky is falling! They’re on pace to lose 162 games this season!

Or, it’s the beginning of the season and it’s the time for irrational overreactions.

So Tim Lincecum didn’t have the greatest start yesterday. So Madison Bumgarner didn’t have the greatest start today. So Aubrey Huff is still Aubrey Huff.

But it’s April and the Giants are only two games into the season.

They managed to score four runs again today, which is something that is good. Because they’re showing they have some sembalance of an offense, if nothing else.

And hey, Brandon Belt drew a walk. In the big leagues and not Fresno!

I may be grasping for things here, but it’s the start of the season. Why be pessimistic when there’s still 160 games to play?

I also choose to be in a bubble that ignores the freakouts about Lincecum and Bumgarner. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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