Post-Game Recap: Buster Posey is Risen, Giants Score Six Runs, Somehow Still Manage to Lose

My thoughts exactly, Buster. (photo: Dirk Hansen via Flickr)

Welp, that was not the way any of us would have written that one up. Buster Posey reminds us all that our personal baseball messiah truly is risen with his first regular season home run since LAST Easter Sunday, Matt Cain avoids the curse of the first inning dinger, and yet, somehow, through the cunning combination of RISP fail, a truckload of defensive errors, and Lyle Overbay looking like the long lost Hairston brother, the D’Backs still managed to pull off a sweep to start the season.

On the upside, Melky Cabrera continues to look like a pretty darn nice payment for the loss of good ole Slingin’ Jonny ‘Chez, the offense is more alive than I even would have cautiously believed likely, and Buster Posey hit a dinger today.

On the downside, the pitching has been a kind of a hot mess aside from Sergio Romo and his ninja sliders, Aubrey Huff is continuing to be Aubrey Huff, Brandon Belt seems like he’s pressing (surely at the fear of having to make that lonely drive down 99 again and stop to eat at the Perko’s in Turlock), and the Giants are 0-3.

But it’s a long season, the pitching is too good to not settle down and find their groove pretty soon, and the Giants’ personal hell of live parks and hard infields will be done soon enough.

And hey, guys? Buster Posey hit a dinger today.


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