Series Preview: The Giants Face The Pirates In Home Opener

Matt Cain? MATT CAIN. (Photo: Dinur/Flickr)

On a rainy day in the Bay Area (or, the East Bay at least — from what I can hear outside the window), the Giants return home to AT&T Park and face the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Matt Cain is on the mound today, opposing righty James McDonald. For the love of everything, please let this not be a repeat of Cain’s first start. No one wants that. Well, maybe Pirates fans, but I digress. No one in San Francisco, at the very least.

Saturday, it’s Barry Zito against TBA. Zito is coming off a spectacular start, one for the unicorns. TBA is up in the air.

On Sunday, Ryan Vogelsong makes his first start of the season, opposing his former team. For the Pirates, it will be Kevin Correia starting, who will also be opposing his former team.

The Pirates have a 2-4 record coming into San Francisco. Then again, it’s still April. Andrew McCutchen has some pretty crazy numbers up (.474 BABIP, .433 wOBA, and 183 wRC+), but that’s a small sample size.

The Giants have a decent chance to win this series. I would say it’s at 50% right now.

Please, just no more weird injuries or ailments or news because no one can deal with that anymore this week.


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