Post-game Recap: Giants Are Offered Win, Politely Accept

So the first thing I have to say is that that was an incredibly Giants way to win. Emmanuel Burriss probably should have been out, and then Pablo Sandoval should have struck out after sending a home run foul by feet, and Aubrey Huff should have been Aubrey Huff. But hey, catcher defense is prized for a reason, and I have this totally incorrect idea about Rod Barajas ruining the Giants’ collective day last year, so I’ll take it. A win! Hoorah! We’re .500!

But beyond that, this was just…a pretty unremarkable game. Barry Zito was good. Not stellar, but very good. He only walked one guy in seven innings, and generated a lot of crappy pop flies, so even against Andrew McCutchen and His Less Amazing Friends it’s a good sign. If he can succeed this year, it’s gonna be like that; really, though, I’d like to see him have a bad start and then bounce back just to prove to himself it’s not a mirage.

What else? The defense was goofy – Brandon Crawford & Pablo both throwing stuff away trying to be superheroes – but I’m not concerned, especially considering that Crawford also fulfilled his usual quotient of slick plays. Nate Schierholtz has the kind of pretty good night he has every so often, and that’s always nice to see, even if I’m no longer regarding it as a sign of incipient breakout. Hector Sanchez is still learning how to play catcher; I’m glad he wasn’t the one trying to handle a force out at home. Santiago Casilla can probably close for this team if he has to.

I don’t know, you guys, I don’t have a great deal of exciting insight on this game. It was a good win, but nothing spectacular. Maybe I’m just morose about the impending “Brandon Belt for a Proven Closer” trade. I just hope it’s not for Brett Myers. But hey, Zito had a great start, Crawford is really fun to watch on defense, and when a team handed the Giants a win, they reached out and took it.

So there’s that. Good win, good Zito, .500. Go for the sweep before Roy Halladay gets here.


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