Post-game Recap: Narrative Wins, Causes Giants To Lose


The Giants played an uneventful game that resulted in a loss, which isn’t fun. They got BABIP’d hard and the home plate umpire was in on the narrative that involves clownshoes.

Andrew McCutchen’s friends were actually impressive, to the delight of the one dude in the field level seat wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey. And maybe a couple more, but I couldn’t really see them, so maybe they’re ninjas.

Buster Posey wasn’t having it and Brandon Crawford applied the tag on the face. That was funny. And then the offense couldn’t muster more than one run against the Pirates. That’s not funny.

The Giants left nine on base, which is a sad number since they were saying there was a chance. Then there was no chance and Emmanuel Burriss wasn’t able to win the game on a walkoff catcher’s interference bunt.

Then Burris had to go. So there’s an Instagram photo of the park from today.

The Giants play the Phillies at home tomorrow. The clownshoes are waiting with the big red nose.


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