Post-game Recap: Giants Find Time Machine, Bring Back Ghost of 2011 Offense, Lose

Just look at this guy. You'll feel better. (Photo: {photonista} Rachel Hamrick/flickr)

Welp. In case you needed or wanted (for some inexplicable reason) a reminder of the litany of fail that was late last season, tonight’s game was a sterling replay of the 2011 Giants’ greatest hits (or lack thereof), as the Giants were approximately 0-for-eleventy with RISP and Aubrey Huff continued his one man 4-3 ground out parade.

But we also had some new fun bits of more contemporary fail in Angel Pagan’s Elmon Young impression in center field and Brandon Crawford’s questionably scored error as he tried desperately to make up for Aubrey Huff’s less than stellar range in left field with an over the shoulder grab that bounced off his wrist. Melky Cabrera returning to earth after his explosive start also doesn’t really come as a huge surprise, but isn’t exactly fun to see, and Tim Lincecum looked decent but not stellar enough to calm the shrieking panic lurking around the edges of the fanbase.

The bright side, somewhat limited thought it may be, was that Buster Posey went 3-for-4, Angel Pagan had two hits, and Brandon Belt had a hit and a walk (and a truly ridiculous strike out thanks to a strike zone the width of Nevada) while continuing to flash some pretty slick leather at first base.

Newly extended Madison Bumgarner takes on Joe Blanton tomorrow.


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