Giants Purchase Joaquin Arias’ Contract

Per Henry Schulman:

In a little more than an hour, the Giants will announce they have purchased the contract of infielder Joaquin Arias from Triple-A Fresno. A corresponding move will be announced later in the afternoon related to Aubrey Huff, who left the team Monday morning and flew home for what has been described as a family emergency.

The Giants could place Huff on the seven-day personal leave list. If this is something more serious involving Huff himself, he could go on the 15-day DL.

Arias is a former Texas Rangers infielder who impressed the staff with his right-handed bat, glove and arm during spring training. He fills a definite need. The Giants were caught short of middle infielders in New York on Saturday, necessitating Huff’s first inning at second base, which did not go well.

Arias, 27, was hitting .400 with two homers and 17 RBIs in 18 games for the Grizzlies.

Purchasing Arias’ contract seems like a logical move here — especially with the need for a middle infielder. No sense in calling up another first baseman when you’ve already got Brandon Belt and Brett Pill on the roster.

As for Huff, there’s really nothing to say. The public doesn’t really know what’s going on and nothing has been said about the family emergency, so everyone is in the dark about this. But whatever it is, we wish Huff and his family the best of luck.


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