Post-game Recap: Padres Gonna Padre

Giants, left, is defeated by baseball, right. (Illustration by Mac)

The Giants had many opportunities to score. The Padres even gave the opportunities to score. The Padres even had three errors tonight, as opposed to the Giants’ two.

Eric Hacker was perfectly acceptable tonight, going six innings, giving up three runs on eight hits, walking two, and striking out seven. A quality start is really all you can ask for from a spot starter and the Giants got that.

But then the defense was shaky (as mentioned above). And Jeremy Affeldt gave up two runs. Then it became an insurmountable lead. And the final RISP was left at 1-for-9 and then someone had to remove the bucket full of tears.

Which is incredibly sad because this is the Padres we’re talking about here. The team is held together with athletic tape and Huston Street’s 2005 Rookie of the Year trophy. That’s just incredibly sad.

They could’ve won, which is the basis of every single game out there pre-first inning. But as the Padres giveth baserunners, the Padres taketh away.

One game, Giants. Is that too much to ask for?

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