Post-game Recap: Matt Cain, But Then Offense


Here's a random image of Brian Sabean from today. (Photo by Mac)

So Matt Cain was Matt Cainly tonight. Of course, a 2-0 Marlins lead had to be an insurmountable one, even after Pablo Sandoval homered to make it 2-1.

Matt Cain deserved to win this one, Giants. But nope. You went all, “ZOMG RUNS ARE BAD LET’S LEAVE ALL THESE RUNNERS IN SCORING POSITION.” Come on, Giants. This is Matt Cain we’re talking about. I’m quite sure everyone is sick of seeing him get Cained, Cain included.

That’s not fair, because Matt Cain went out there and pitched as beastly as he could be. There were chances to win. So many of ’em. But nope. RISP’d. And that’s tiring.

Step it up, Giants. Stop leaving people on base.


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