Series Preview: They Are The Marlins

Everything is great in the SF place
They’ve got live baseball — LIVE BASEBALL!
So get up and go to the ballpark now
Cause there’s baseball — L-I-V-E BASEBALL

Stop the ~wave~
Cheer a team
Get garlic fries
And a cha-cha bowl

Now that that is out of my system…

The Miami Marlins head into San Francisco for a three game series, beginning tonight against the Giants’ Matt Cain. Which is going to be quite a game because Matt Cain.

The Marlins are just kind of … floundering in the NL East. No pun intended. They’re last with an 8-14 record.

And they have this … sculpture. Which I’m sure a lot of people know about right now. But it’s quite beautiful and I can’t articulately express how amazing it is.

(Found via rebexarama on twitter)

So, yeah, the Giants. They’re facing the black, yellow, orange, and blue (but seriously, how many colors does one team need‽) that are coming after them.

Set expectations low, hope for something good. Because with the way the Giants are, having low expectations is good.


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