Post-game Recap: Bumgarner Does What Bumgarners Do

FOR THE COWS (Photo by aewang/flickr)

Let’s not kid ourselves, Giants fans – we all came into this game expecting Madison Bumgarner to do something awesome. Maybe not actually win the game – Giants, right? – but with his confidence, his effortless delivery, his merciless abuse of the strike zone, and general ace-in-the-making presence, a Bumgarner start these days possesses the air of vintage Timmy. Unless it’s one of those weird days, the offense just has to score a few runs.

And this time, they scored a few runs. Melky Cabrera has hopped back onto another hot streak, and is looking pretty goddamn good in the outfield. It might be Melky, as opposed to the still-hacktastic Angel Pagan, who learns how to use the wide, windswept prairies of the AT&T Frontier to his advantage. I could get used to those triples. And hey, Hector Sanchez got some hits! They were for extra bases! It was awesome. If he’s gonna play regularly, he might as well hit regularly.

I talked yesterday about the way the Giants have assembled their lineup – counting on the pitching to be superlative and the lineup to scratch and claw across just enough runs to make it count. Well, that’s pretty much how today went, so it’s not impossible. It was nice to see, too, that the majority of the runs were good, honest knocks with RISP. Even if they were off of Randy “88 mph HEAT” Wolf; Wolf’s the kind of pitcher who routinely baffles the Giants’ hitters, so getting those hits the second and third time through the order was nice to see.

It’s not the kind of win that makes you go HALLELUJAH, OUR TROUBLES ARE OVER, but it’s the kind of win that isn’t a loss, which is enough of a positive after the mind-numbing Miami series. And it was a game that Madison Bumgarner pitched, and hit an RBI game-tying double in, and that in itself is the kind of thing that should make you happy just to be a Giants fan. A baseball fan, even.

With Cain on the mound tomorrow and, presumably, a lefty-heavy and therefore more promising overall lineup, the Giants have as good a chance as they ever could to win a series, and get on with the business of hovering around .500 until Pablo comes back. Here’s hoping.


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