Giants Recap: Whoa, They Beat Kershaw

So the Giants actually beat LA today with Ryan Vogelsong on the mound. Brett Pill hit a two run homer in the second inning and that was all it took for them to win — offensively, at least.

The defense worked hard tonight. Hey, it’s amazing what players can actually do when they’re playing the positions they’re supposed to play. Amazing, innit?

But Angel Pagan had to leave the game because of an injury.

Say it with me now and I’ve been saying it all season: bubble wrap.

The Giants also have separation issues with their starting pitchers. I mean, it’s one thing to have them start the inning off if they’re deep into the game and pull them the first sign of trouble.

But, like, it’s another thing if you know the starter is done after seven innings and shouldn’t hit for himself the next half inning and it’s going to be a total disaster somehow, because he shouldn’t have started the inning anyway. Y’know, like seeing him walk the first guy he faces and then giving up a single and then getting the first out in the inning, but not after a coaching visit to the mound.

Because that happened tonight when Vogelsong started the eighth inning. While it’s absolutely great that they got out of the inning without any runs coming across to score, that whole situation could’ve been avoided.

If this were the first time this happened in the season or if it’s a very rare occurrence, fine. But this seems to be common nowadays. And that’s not necessarily good.

To use an analogy: It’s like having Aaron Rowand on the team, though you know it won’t work out. But you hang on to the last thread of possibility before it all unravels. Then you DFA his butt to Miami. But before you do that, you’re unrealistically optimistic about the chances of him succeeding that you keep giving him shot after shot after shot and that is one too many shots for comfort.

But hey, the Giants won. And they beat Clayton Kershaw! That’s … well, it’s something, at least.


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