Giants Recap: Matchups Suck

Or: Play in VS mode, sacks.

Tonight’s recap is brought to you by Google translator.

Bruce Bochy is that his left-handed left-handed lineup to hit there tonight can not be put,Brett Pill, because it is not a solid outfielder, it completely backfired. He is also the defense of some authorities to have something to hurt you, play it through a giant, but it is not above average outfielder. Too high.

(Bruce Bochy put his lefties can’t hit lefties lineup out there tonight and it totally backfired because Brett Pill is not a solid outfielder. He’s not even an above average outfielder, so having the matchup thing out there over having a COMPETENT DEFENSE hurt the Giants. Too much.)

You can at least Melky Cabrera hit a home run. Or something. (At least Melky Cabrera can hit a home run. Or something.)

However, Buster Posey is still in the lineup! Have a day off for the season basically, your contract., Boch it. What is really? What is even though not in the middle of the month “offriggin is it?

(But Buster Posey is still in the lineup! Despite not having a day off for basically the season and it is the middle of friggin’ May. What’s your deal, Boch? Really. What is it?)

Ryan and Monasterio is located on the DL with elbow sprain. It has been around sincespring training. Bad miss U S0, fontenot. Miss u bad S0. (And Ryan Theriot is on the DL with an elbow sprain. That’s been around since spring training. miss u s0 bad, fontenot. miss u s0 bad.)

This team, and sad, which is why mountain. This is why. Why. (This team is a pile of sad and why. Why is this. Why.)

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