Post-game Recap: Giants Grit Teeth And Hang On

The Giants and the Rockies have a weird relationship. I don’t know that they’ve often been rivals, competing head-to-head in the same season, but they’re always orbiting around each other. One’s playing spoiler for the other, or they’re both chasing the wild card only to fall short, or the Rockies can’t win a single frigging game against the Atlanta Braves and the world collapses around my 7 year-old self.

Anyway, I’ve always found wins against the Rockies to be satisfying for some ephemeral reason. Maybe it’s all that Coors Field trauma. First-round pick Christian Friedrich embarrassed the Giants on his first go-round through the lineup, but he was unable to join the hallowed ranks of “random rookies who have totally dominated SF’s lineup,” because no sir Gregor Blanco was not having any of that. Blanco is probably going to be the leadoff hitter for a while now, and I’m okay with that. Especially if he keeps inexplicably crushing dingers.

(Seriously, watch that clip if you didn’t see it, Blanco hit the crud out of it. In fact, watch it if you did see it. I’ll still be here.)

Ryan Vogelsong did not look sharp, but he wriggled out of trouble and retired ten straight to end the game, so it was the Jekkyl side of the “Giants pitcher struggles early” standard. Brett Pill looked positively awful for most of the night and then some idiot threw him a fastball and he smoked it, because Brett Pill eats fastballs like mere mortals eat nachos. Turned out that insurance run was really important, so good on him, but still, he had some bad ABs. I mean, wow. Brandon Belt is still alive, etc.

In the interests of completion, I should also add that that Buster Posey guy’s pretty good, and that Sergio Romo faced his daily allotment of one batter and made poor Michael Cuddyer rethink this entire “baseball” thing for at least a few minutes. Yeesh.

That last inning, man. I almost had to rewrite this stupid thing. A little sloppiness from Casilla, a defensive lapse from Arias (who promptly made up for it!), and suddenly it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. If Troy Tulowitzki hadn’t gotten beaned by one of his own teammates, we’re probably still playing. But hey, whatever, baseball gods, we’ll take it. It worked for the 2010 Giants, it’ll work now. Timmy goes tomorrow to try to sweep a stupid two-game series.


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