Giants Recap: The One Where Bumgarner’s Streak Ends

Coming into tonight, Madison Bumgarner had a streak of winning in his last 8 starts at home, dating back to August 9, 2011. By the end of the game, the streak was broken.

The Giants lost 4-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals, who didn’t even need to deploy Carlos Beltran and his barking knee to beat the home team. The team continues to be mystified by runners in scoring position, going 2-for-11 in such situations. Maybe Bam-Bam needs to have guys stand on base during batting practice, since obviously the guys have no idea how to hit in games when presented with extra guys standing around out there.

How to summarize the Giants batters tonight? Maybe something like this:

This includes two strike-outs each for Charlie Culberson, Brandon Crawford, Nate Schierholtz and Emmanuel Burriss. Yikes.

Or, if you want a more baseball-y representation of how bad the Giants were at driving the ball tonight, you can look at this:

Those Cardinals infielders must be exhausted.

I’m not sure why Brett Pill continues to play. He’ll get the occasional homerun (3 so far this season), but most nights seem to be more like tonight: grounding out softly, striking out swinging futilely at 3 pitches, grounding softly into a double-play and then getting lifted for a pinch hitter.

Buster Posey was a bright spot, with three hits on the night (including batting in the team’s only run). And no errors for the defense! It’s sad that this is a notable event, but there you are.

Tomorrow’s matinee will see Matt Cain taking on Adam Wainwright.


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