Giants Recap: We Found Runs in a Hitless Place

"Why are there all these men on base? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?"

For the second time in as many days, the Giants set a new season record for runs scored at home. In fact tonight’s lineup was even less intimidating than yesterday’s, with Hector Sanchez behind the dish in place of Captain America Buster Posey. The fascinating thing (and by fascinating I might mean “weird yet awesome and yet also possibly foretelling the coming end times”) is that the story of the night was WALKS. Some hits too, sure, but WALKS. SO MANY WALKS. Were they getting in the early spirit of Bay to Breakers weekend? Has some miraculous light somehow gone off in their collective brains that for everyone not named Pandamir Guerreroval (h/t the lovely Sarah for that one), there are a good number of pitches you should just not swing at? I don’t know. I really don’t. But in any event, I LIKE IT.

The one notable blemish on the night was Steve Edlefsen. He seems like a nice guy, he really does, and sinkerballers can be fun to watch, and he inherited a tough situation, but he took what was a handy drubbing and turned it into an actual ballgame for the A’s for the last three innings and change. Hector Sanchez gets some of the blame as well, because calling for pitches as high as he was setting the target was a disaster waiting to happen, but he’s got a use on this team right now and I just don’t think Edlefsen does. And I swear I’m not saying this just because I have an idea of exactly who could replace him on the 25-man (and it sure as hell ain’t Brad Penny).

But hey, a win is a win! And a fun one, even, where the Giants capitalized on the other team’s mistakes in fun and new and interesting ways instead of the other way around!

Keep it up tomorrow, okay? I’d like to think my recap curse might be breaking finally.


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