Giants Recap: The One Where Vogelsong Almost Got Cained

(Photo: rocor/flickr)

My working game recap title in the fifth or sixth inning was “Ryan Vogelsong Is Your New-Look Matt Cain”. At that point he was pitching a one-hit shutout and the Giants had stranded approximately fourteen hundred runners on base. Or maybe like five, I don’t know. Point being, it was as textbook a Cain’ing in the making as they come. And then something kinda crazy happened. They scored runs. MULTIPLE RUNS. MANY RUNS. MORE THAN SEVERAL RUNS. It was pretty nice, you guys. I could get used to this scoring thing.

Even more than the scoring, though, I could get used to the patience at the plate thing. The Giants drew five walks today, and that was even with some brief descents back into their old hacking ways. They worked counts, they saw a lot of pitches, and the end result was that, even though there were some wasted opportunities, they kept creating opportunities so that eventually things worked out and hey, runs were scored! Moral of the story here is that even if this lineup leaves a lot to be desired in some areas, if they can stop just giving away outs willy nilly, eventually the guys you can count on, your Buster Poseys and your Melky Cabreras and your Angel Pagans and the like, are going to be able to come through. And that Buster Posey kid, huh? Not a bad swing on him. Keep an eye on him, he might be pretty good at this baseball thing. And by “pretty good”, I probably mean that he is everything that is good and perfect about baseball and he must never, ever leave.

So there you have it. Not quite the handy drubbing and offensive explosion of last night, but solid baseball that didn’t make me head to the kitchen for a margarita.

Tomorrow we get a fun battle of opposites as Tiny Tim Lincecum takes on Big Boy Bartolo Colon. Sweeps are nice, Giants. Remember that.

And one last note, a big congratulations to Buster Posey’s sister Sam, who won the NCAA Division II softball championship today with Valdosta State. Sam started at third base and went 1-for-3. Congratulations to her and her very proud big brother.


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