Giants Recap: Giants See Sweep Coming, Nimbly Avoid It

Look, we all know there’s nothing wrong with striking out looking. An out is an out is an out when it’s not a double play, and sometimes pitchers make their pitch. Carlos Beltran was infamous for one K called third strike, and yet he has a decent shot at going to the Hall of Fame. Pick up, dust off, move on.

But nothing is going to piss off the fanbase or the manager faster, so Brandon Belt really shouldn’t do that anymore. I’m not giving up on him or anything – remember when people were doubting Belt’s future a couple weeks ago, and then he had a pile of great games in a row? – but for the sake of his own playtime, he needs to start swinging at those close pitches. He’s gonna ride the pine for a bit now.

Timmy was awful. I mean, he didn’t get shelled, but he couldn’t find the strike zone, gave up a bunch of solid singles to a terrible, terrible offense, and was out of the game by the 4th. There’s not much to say about it. Something is really wrong and needs to be fixed. The Giants can succeed without Tim Lincecum, Cy Young winner, but I am highly skeptical of their ability to succeed without Tim Lincecum, Really Good Pitcher. Any start now, Timmy. (Also, please don’t be actually hurt from that stupid collision.)

Angel Pagan also looked crappy (and took some of those infuriating called third strikes); he and Brandon Belt both epic-failed with the bases loaded and one out, which is basically when this game, for all intents and purposes, ended. Melky Cabrera  is hitting .353 for the season, and while batting average comes with all the usual statistical noise and caveats, it’s still just cool number to see. I’m excited for when Pablo comes back and starts driving him in.

Sometimes you have a game like that. The Giants offense spoiled us recently; this was bound to happen. But yeesh, did it have to happen against the A’s? The eminently beatable, endlessly woeful Oakland A’s, with a guy who is supposed to be an ace on the mound for the Giants. It’s not the end of the world, but it was not at all an entertaining game to experience. It probably wasn’t for them, either.


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