Get This Lind/Pill Platoon Talk Off The Internets

And now, a change from your regularly scheduled series preview post (it’ll be back for the next series).

So just as I go about every morning whilst on summer break, I check Twitter for the latest in whatever it is people are talking about on the Twitter machine. Then I come across the following tweets:

So Adam Lind is the new player that everyone wants.

Okay, yeah, when in the world did THAT happen?

Never mind the fact that Lind is hitting a robust .186/.273/.314 on the year. And yes, that does mean .587 OPS on the year.

But, but, but … he runs dingerz.exe and he can play 1B and LF!!!

I’m sorry, but this isn’t Pokémon. The Giants do not need to collect ALL the first basemen/left fielders in the world!

Just the opposite, because as far as everyone’s concerned, the Giants have three first baseman/left fielders (in some bizarre mindset out there) on the 25-man roster.

And Brett Pill isn’t even that much of a competent outfielder.

But sure, fine, Lind has a .127 ISO. Which amounts for … I don’t know what anymore. He’s got a .262 wOBA and a wRAA of 5.4.

I mean, it’s not like Aubrey Huff’s putting up similar numbers. What, with a .128 ISO, .267 wOBA, and a wRAA of -1.7. His batting line is at .179/.298/.308!

/stares blankly at screen

As it seems, the Giants do. not. need. Adam Lind. And they certainly do not need to platoon him with Pill, with his .211 ISO and .313 wOBA. Pill is a perfectly acceptable backup 1B/pinch hitter. Huff exists. The Giants do not need more of the same players they already have.

Do not make me throw tires downhill and hope it crushes the apple pies that were placed on the bottom of the hill.

Because that’s just a sad waste of delicious pie.


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