Giants Recap: I Got Nothin’

casilla at-bats the best. (Photo: artolog/Flickr)

So, let’s see. This is my first recap in a week or so (thanks, vacation), and this is what you give me to work with, Giants? Sheesh.

I barely remember that Madison Bumgarner started this game. But as far as anyone’s concerned, he be beastin’ and throwin’ baseballs to win. Of course, Bruce Bochy had to go and do that thing where he leaves starters in when they shouldn’t be pitching and a reliever should be in. Then Ryan Braun hit a two-run homer to tie the game. That was sucky. But Bumgarner was still awesome.

Buster Posey hit a three-run bomb — and I mean it was absolutely crushed — in the first inning and that put the Giants on the board. Offense, y’all! You would’ve thought that they could actually have a decent offense in the game since they drew walks and hit with RISP, but then.

Nope. No runs scored from innings 2 to 13.

And man, that was a long, long time.

In the top of the 14th, though, Hector Sanchez hit a home run and it was like, “A RUN. THE GIANTS ARE AHEAD. THIS IS GOOD.” And Bochy had Angel Pagan, who was apparently sent home because he was under the weather but was back, on deck, but it was a deke. And Santiago Casilla hit for himself.

Which was, of course, beautiful. Considering his last at-bat was the crazy You Can’t Predict Baseball walk, this was bound to be hilarious. And it was. GIFs made by Sara Showalter/@gidget can be viewed here, here, and here.

By the time the bottom of the 14th rolled around and Taylor Green reached because Emmanuel Burriss I don’t even and there was a base hit, I thought the Brewers were going to tie the game up, the game would go on for another three hours, and I would be in a state of grandeur where crying into pasta bowls is normal.

Alas, Casilla got the last out. And it was good. Because I don’t know if I could’ve tolerated watching this game for another three hours.


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