Giants Recap: Hit Ball, Score Runs

The Giants scored six runs today. Which is odd, because they don’t normally do things like that. But I won’t complain because it’s nice to see them score runs.

Matt Cain pitched decently enough to get the win, I suppose. I mean, 7 IP, 8K, 0BB. Not bad or anything. Four runs were given up, but otherwise, he was Matt Cain. Plus, the offense actually managed to get him enough runs.

Plus, Sergio Romo. Also, Melky Cabrera has an awesome arm. And Captain Handsomepants Buster Posey hit an awesome home run. And Joaquin Arias did, too! First career home run! I didn’t know he could actually hit like that, but I’ll take it.

The game is on at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, which I think is way too early to be subjected to watching Barry Zito pitch. That’s just me. And maybe a couple other people. But I’ll be fine with it if Perfectly Acceptable Zito shows up tomorrow. Please.


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