Giants Recap: Baseball Is Weird

The Giants gave up six runs in the first, but only two were earned. Barry Zito was particularly Zitonian today and gave up eight runs total, but only four were earned.

Marco Estrada hit an RBI double. And then got hurt. The Brewers had to go to their bullpen before the Giants did. And Zack Greinke came in to pinch-run for Estrada.

But the Giants somehow managed to score five runs anyway. But the first base ump saw the Giants heading down the line and close to beating the throw but he was all, “NO, WE WILL HAVE NONE OF THIS” and called guys like Brandon Belt out, so that wasn’t fun.

At least the bullpen was pretty solid today. There’s that.

I half expected a clown to show up in the middle of the fifth inning and throwing shoes at everyone. Can you imagine that happening? Maybe the racing sausages are running their race and then CLOWN OUTTA NOWHERE and he’s throwing gigantic shoes that rivals the size of Bochy’s head.

Baseball, man. I just don’t know.


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