Giants Recap: The Melk Man Cometh

MELK TIME (Photo: Keith Allison/flickr)

Ryan Vogelsong did Ryan Vogelsong things. The bullpen did vintage bullpen things. Buster Posey did Buster Posey things. On a lot of nights, those would be the story. But it’s not every day that a Willie Mays record (even if it’s one of his “lesser” ones) gets broken by pretty much the hottest player in the National League.

When the Giants traded for Melky Cabrera, it was a high-risk, high-reward move. Jonathan Sanchez has tremendous raw stuff that he couldn’t quite put together despite always seeming to be on the verge, and Melky Cabrera was coming off an outstanding year that could easily have been an anomaly that the Giants would never see. It really could have gone either way. At this point, I think it’s safe to say things have worked out awfully swimmingly for the Giants, who have suddenly found themselves in possession of a .966 OPS, 170 wRC+ number three hitter who is not Pablo Sandoval. I don’t want to get premature here, but it’s pretty nice to think about this lineup with the addition of a healthy Pablo Sandoval, considering that they’ve managed to score some runs on a reasonably consistent basis even without him.

But for now, a win is a win, and that was a pretty nice one. Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s battle of struggling aces falls the Giants’ way.


2 thoughts on “Giants Recap: The Melk Man Cometh

  1. The Giants have only ever had two players collect 200 hits in a season; Bobby Bonds in 1970 and Rich Aurilia in 2001. The Melk-ster is on a pace (gawd, I hate that phrase, but it fits here) for 225 assuming he plays in at least 155 games.

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