Giants Recap: (More Than) Perfectly Acceptable Zito Rides Again!

Perfectly Acceptable Zito rides again! (With his buddy Powder.)

That was about as positively Giants-y a game as you could imagine. Starter goes eight and a third, defense backs him up with some excellent defense including a couple nice double plays, offense manages to push across a few runs to make an excellent outing stick, you know how it goes.

Wait, it was a Zito start?

Well then.

I don’t know what the time limit is on saying Zito is “back”, or I guess “fixed” since he was hardly really ever “here” with the Giants to begins with, but I’m starting to think maybe it’s time to believe. Not that he’s the new ace or anything, not that he’s found his Cy Young form again, but that I don’t have to cringe internally every time I realize I’ve wound up with tickets for a Zito start or that I’m recapping one.

So I’m raising a forkful of avocado scramble to you, Barry. Godspeed, please continue.

Melky Cabrera is still good even when he only has one hit, Buster Posey is also still good even when he only has one hit (and he gets double plus points for what I assume were his adorably insistent instructions on where to find his gear in case Hector Sanchez had to come out after sniping himself hard with back to back foul balls), and Alfonso Soriano gets the Brooks Conrad Honorary Giant award for this series. That’s about all you need to know.

Ryan Vogelsong vs. Jeff Samardzija in a rare Monday businessman’s special tomorrow at 12:45 to wrap up the series.


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