Giants Recap: Every Day I’m Sweepin’

(Photo: rocor/flickr)

Essentially, the story of this game is Ryan Vogelsong. Not because he was amazing – it was, basically, a quality start with a little mustard on it – but because A) the rest of the Giants scored their runs in hilarious fashion B) Ryan Vogelsong turns in these “6 or 7 innings, 2 or 3 runs, no problem” starts with such stunning regularity that I’m beginning to take him for granted.

Don’t let me take Ryan Vogelsong for granted, readers. Remind me that the fact that he is a major league starter in 2012 is an awesome story. That he is a major league starter of this caliber in 2012 can only be a testament to the ineffable grace of the Baseball Gods, praise be unto them. Every time Aubrey Huff grounds out to second base, or one of the indistinguishable shortstop options (Failed Prospect Guy, Handsome Guy, and Useless Guy) flails at a pitch somewhere in the vicinity of his eyeballs, or a reliever explodes into fleshy shrapnel and that shrapnel is hit into the gap for a double – Ryan Vogelsong. Yeah.

Anyway, the offense literally scored two of their runs by accident. Like, they hit into outs that had no choice but to score runs because there were just so many guys on base. The good hitters took pitches and got on base, and the…less good hitters did some sort of rain dance but for fastballs down the middle, and the resulting outs scored a couple runs because there was just not enough room in the game for all those outs. It was actually kind of glorious. This is what happens when you take walks. Eventually the universe will give up on failure.  I mean, it has to save some for the Chicago Cubs.

Fun fact!
Walks today, Buster Posey: 4
Walks this season, Brett Pill: 4

That doesn’t actually signify anything we don’t already know, but I thought it was funny. Seriously, Buster should do that more often. Nah, just gonna head over to first base every time and wait for y’all to figure it out.

Brandon Belt had a good game, the defense (led by Ryan Theriot?!!?!1) was slick, Jeremy Affeldt was nails, and the Giants swept a series for the first time since Jason Schmidt, Juan Marichal, and Christy Mathewson locked down those pesky Boston Braves. That was fun. Let’s do it again.


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