Giants Recap: Efficient Edlefsen

Anthony Bass has said that he has modeled his delivery on Tim Lincecum*.  So tonight’s game is kind of like Tim vs. Tim. May the best Tim win (as long as he’s our Tim).

*True story – I actually won a ticket to tonight’s game from SI writer Jim Trotter on Twitter for knowing this, but had to forfeit on account of not actually being in San Diego for the game

And. . . . neither one gets the win.

The game got off to in inauspicious start in the 1st inning when Ryan Theriot got TOOTBLANed after he overshot the bag on an attempted steal. He valiantly tried to bluff his way into a safe call, but he was definitely out.

The 2nd inning was decidedly ugly. Carlos Quentin launched a ball near some weird giant paint can in the stands for a solo HR.

And then Lincecum found himself in some trouble. . .

After a double to Chase Headley and a walk to Logan Forsythe (remember that name), Everth Cabrera singled to score Headley. The Giants got very lucky when the 3rd base ump called Forsythe out at 3rd base on Bass’ bunt, after Joaquin Arias dropped the throw from Brandon Belt and failing to actually get the force.

The fortunate out was moot after Cameron Maybin roped a ball down the left field line to score the runners from 1st and 2nd.

In the 3rd inning, Gregor Blanco hit a 2-out triple (his third of the year, and the 22nd for the team). Theriot followed with a line drive that Quentin couldn’t hold on to, scoring Blanco. And then with Melky Cabrera at bat, Theriot TOOTBLANed again, but this time was called safe. All was for naught, as Melky was thrown out on a tapper to second. But at least the Giants were on the board.

And then things were uneventful until the 6th inning.

Blanco led off the 6th with a single. Theriot smacked a double into left field for a hit, scoring Blanco from first. Cabrera fooled everybody with a bunt single, moving Theriot over to 3rd. Buster Posey’s sac fly scored Theriot. And with a line drive single up the middle, Angel Pagan sent Cabrera to 3rd. That was enough to take Bass (5.1 IP, 7 H, 4 ER, BB, 4 K, 79 pitches) out of the game.

Andrew Cashner came in to give up a sac fly to Belt*, allowing Cabrera to score and tie the game (a terrible throw from Quentin to I don’t know where didn’t help the Padres).

*Belt was hitless on the game. He really needs to start getting some hits. Preferably a few that leave the park.

Meanwhile, Lincecum recovered from his decidedly unpleasant 2nd inning to retire 13 of the last 14 Padres he faced through the 6th inning (with 8 K). His reward was to see Aubrey Huff’s .151 BA pinch hit for him in the 7th inning after Brandon Crawford’s single (Lincecum’s final line: 6 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, BB, 8 K, 102 pitches).  Play stopped briefly during Huff’s AB so that some doofus could run around center field. Never fear – when play resumed, Huff struck out.

Crawford handsomely stole 2nd base. Theriot continued his tear by knocking Crawford (and the lead run) in with a line drive into right field. I don’t even.

But then in the bottom of the 8th, Jeremy Affeldt came in, only to give up a homerun to Quentin right up the middle. Tie game!

Huston Street, seeing his first action since returning from the DL, took the mound in the 9th for the Padres. He induced a pop up in foul territory from Crawford, struck out an still-struggling Nate Schierholz (PH for Affledt), but then allowed Blanco to reach 2nd base on a pop up to shallow LF. Theriot drew a walk, putting two men on base for Cabrera, who recorded a lucky hit off the tip of Street’s glove, loading the bases for Posey. Unfortunately, Posey grounded out on the first pitch to 2B to end the inning.

Steve Edlefsen came into the 9th with the score still tied at 5-5, and on the second pitch of the inning promptly gave up a game-winning walk-off homerun to Logan Forsythe. Who the hell is Logan Forsythe? Some guy who never had a major league homerun before tonight, that’s who:

2011 24 SDP 62 169 150 12 32 9 1 0 12 3 1 12 33 .213 .281 .287 .568 63 43 3 3 2 2 3
2012 25 SDP 1 3 3 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 .667 .667 1.667 2.333 532 5 1 0 0 0 0
2 Yrs 63 172 153 12 34 10 2 0 12 3 2 12 33 .222 .288 .314 .602 72 48 4 3 2 2 3
162 Game Avg. 162 442 393 31 87 26 5 0 31 8 5 31 85 .222 .288 .314 .602 72 123 10 8 5 5 8
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 6/5/2012.

And game.

Tomorrow the two teams square off again at the awkward time of 3:35 PT, with Madison Bumgarner (6-4, 3.04 ERA) taking on Clayton Richard (2-6, 4.44 ERA).


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