Giants Recap: Romo Rides Two Braces to Victory

Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo is pretty good at this baseball thing. (image: flickr/Dinur Blum)

It is one of the great truisms of Giants baseball that, no matter how empirically bad the Padres are, games in Petco are annoying. There always seems to be something about that park, and there’s always that one guy who screws things up, or there are bees harassing your left fielder, or something. You get the point.

Today was really no different, except that it somehow managed to end in a Giants win anyway. Madison Bumgarner was good, not great. CB Bucknor was typically awful behind home plate. The Padres did some Padresy things that helped the Giants. The Giants managed to do fewer Giantsy things that helped the Padres, so they won. That’s just about how any game in San Diego seems to go.

Lost in all that, however, there was the tale of the bullpen. Santiago Casilla was unavailable except in dire emergency (I assume in this case emergency means the world is ending and the only hope to save us all is for someone to draw a comical walk off Jose Ceda), so we were left with Hensley, Affeldt, and Romo. I mean, there were some other guys, too, but they were the ones you actually wanted to see in a game that wasn’t an utter blowout. Then Romo tweaked his knee again and it all seemed a bit bleak. But Romo slapped on an extra knee brace, and with the power of TWO of those braces, he finished off the Padres so we could all go back to willing the Phillies to score some dadgum runs!

Sergio Romo, y’all. He’s pretty spectacular.

Also, if George Kontos would like to pick up the white courtesy telephone, the entire Giants fan base would like to beg him to sneak into the clubhouse and make Bochy let him pitch.

Matt Cain takes on Jason Marquis tomorrow. Matt Cain. Matt Cain. Matt Cain.


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