Giants Recap: Giants Don’t Score. At All.

The San Francisco Giants returned home tonight for the first of six games in a seven day homestand, taking on the Texas Rangers. Yup, those guys. The two teams came into the game tied with the 3rd-highest winning percentage in MLB, at 33-25 each. Who could have predicted that?

Let’s just rip the band-aid off of this one. Here’s the starting lineup for tonight:

Yuck. Just yuck.

Granted, the team is being careful with Melky Cabrera’s hamstring (giving Nate Schierholtz just his 6th start in 36 games), and Buster Posey was taking a planned day off (allowing Hector Sanchez to serve as Zito’s personal catcher, naturally) before catching a day game tomorrow. But still. When a team ends up fielding what can best be described as a split squad lineup in June, you know nothing good will come of it.

In the end, the game was about as I expected. This lineup managed to get exactly none runs (as they say), resulting in the Giants’ first shut-out of the season*.

*I know this seems completely un-possible. But it’s true. Until tonight, the Giants had not been shutout in 2012. Not even one time. To compare, the Giants were shutout 14 times last season, including 5 times as of this point in 2011.

Barry Zito started the game off by giving up a homerun to the first batter he faced (Ian Kinsler). Yikes. I was expecting the worst. Instead, Zito didn’t let it bother him, even overcoming a throwing error by Joaquin Arias to get out of the inning without a hit.

As one might expect, the Giants’ lineup was fairly impotent, managing just 5 hits. And no runs. Don’t forget that they scored no runs. Against Matt Harrison, who pitched a complete game shutout.

Zito wasn’t awful. He pitched Zito-ly, going 6 innings while giving up 9 hits and 4 ER (including 2 HR). Could have been worse. Could have been better*. But with the offense stubbornly refusing to score any runs, I guess in the end it didn’t much matter.

*One way the Giants’ pitching in general could have been better would have been to not let the Rangers’ 8th place hitter get 5 hits.

I suppose the best way to sum up the game is this:

Pablo hadn’t been expected back until Tuesday. Bringing him up this weekend may be a signal that the front office is tired of offensive futility.

Tomorrow’s 1:05 game will see Ryan Vogelsong (4-2, 2.38) vs. Scott Feldman (0-4, 7.01).


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