Giants Recap: Oh, Okay, Giants, So That’s How It Is

Today, Tim Lincecum was Tim Lincecum. Which could mean one of many things, but in this case, it means that he was pretty much the same Lincecum everyone has seen this season.

And, it’s frustrating — to watch a superior pitcher do so poorly this much into the season. It’s also very easy to get frustrated by these starts.

Every Bay Area sports outlet can analyze Lincecum all they want — why he’s been terrible, what he should to to fix things, when eclipses in Gemini have been intense — and ultimately, no one will still really know what’s going on with him.

Because he will have flashes of that fantastic Cy Young winning pitcher, but one bad inning can cause everything to crumble.

What’s there for a Giants fan to do when there really isn’t much else to do?

Besides screaming at the television, smashing all keys on a keyboard, or eating It’s-Its, of course.

Otherwise, I don’t know — about Timmy and what else to do with watching his starts. It’s a fickle thing.

And Bruce Bochy double switched Aubrey Huff in to replace Brandon Belt. Huff broke up the no-hitter that was going on, but then TOOTBLAN’d hard.

I’d rather not show the evidence of it and say it didn’t happen.


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