Giants Recap: They Can Actually Hit Homers

Did you know that if you do an image search for "adios pelota" under free to use licensing, you get this?

In the 8th inning, Ryan Vogelsong was taken out of the game after allowing back-to-back singles. Double plays could’ve been turned to get out of the inning, but alas, two inherited runners scored,despite Javier Lopez’s and Sergio Romo’s — and the infield’s — best efforts.

With the way the Giants’ offense can be terribly inept, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that they lost the game because two runners scored in the 8th. Except that wasn’t the case, because Vogelsong was pretty okay. Actually, more than okay. Prior to the back-to-back singles in the 8th, he only gave up two hits and three walks.

This marks Vogelsong’s ninth straight quality start and the eighth straight game where the Giants won a game that he started. That ain’t bad for a back of the rotation guy.

And even better? Vogey didn’t get Cained.

The Giants managed to score four runs — homers included!

Buster Posey hit a solo home run in the 2nd inning to give the Giants the early lead. Angel Pagan scored on a Joaquin Arias sac fly in the 4th. Melky Cabrera hit a two-run bomb in the 8th inning to make it 4-0.

Four straight games where the Giants hit home runs.

That’s quite awesome, if you ask me.

(Now, please, just continue to hit homers, Giants. You look more competent when you do so.)


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