Giants Recap: That Was Just Sad

We all know that feel, sadcat with an orange soccer ball.

Tim Lincecum struck out two in the first inning. Sounds like good ol’ Timmy, sure. But he also gave up two home runs in that inning.

Then he had some decent innings.

Then the wheels fell off completely.

And then the Giants lost.

Good grief, that is basically the whole game in a nutshell.

Now the overanalysis of what-is-wrong-with-Timmy-itis is happening. I hear Greg Papa talking and it sounds like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons talking. That’s a perfectly acceptable analogy for Greg Papa’s analysis.

I don’t know about you, but when Jonathan Sanchez was traded away, I would’ve expected only Barry Zito to throw below average or have frustrating starts.

But then there was good ol’ Timmy. The baby-faced ace of the rotation with a gamer heart. The man who could cure an opposing team’s winning streak with a 10 K game. Suddenly, he degenerated into a pumpkin that some punk stole on All Hallow’s Eve and left for mold on a curb.

And that’s what fans have been left to watch. A moldy pumpkin version of something that was once awesome. It’s not fun anymore.

The offense was decently competent tonight and George Kontos was also decently competent.

Otherwise, moldy pumpkin.


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