Giants Recap: Welp

Madison Bumgarner was Cained. The offense has the indecency to strand runners in scoring position when they so very much had the chance to win and it was frustrating.

Bruce Bochy also decided to have Justin Christian pinch run for Buster Posey in the later innings, but that wasn’t going to come back and bite them, nosiree. That is not going to be any kind of problem at all.

Felix Hernandez was King Felix and pitched one heck of a game.

Joe West behind the plate twice in a series just was absurd. That should never happen anywhere again.

This game recap could’ve been put through a Mad Libs generator and it would still have the same result, I think.

But, hey, Madison Bumgarner seems to be quite better than all but Matt Cain.

Y’know. Otherwise…eh.


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