Giants Recap: Erm, Okay

So Matt Cain gets Cained again. Who else saw that coming?

Yeah, I got nothing. It was a frustrating loss. It was also almost expected once Santiago Casilla couldn’t get the outs in the 9th. The walkoff home run just seemed inevitable.

It also doesn’t help that the offense seemed to be made of little — one walk, five hits. That’s not much to actually win. Considering it’s the Giants, of course.

I will also admit that I didn’t watch most of the game, opting to watch the England-Italy Euro 2012 match. That might’ve been a better choice in the end. I saw the walkoff, though. That wasn’t worth it.

There was also something about fans barking back and forth about nonsensical things related to a rivalry that really has no significance in the long run if there’s a very little chance of the two teams meeting in the World Series.

Tomorrow, the Giants head home across the Bay and face the (still in the friggin’ first place — how does that really happen?) Dodgers.

Now that’s a rivalry that actually means something right now.


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