Giants Recap: Zeros Are A Girl’s Best Friend

standings flags

And all is right the world. (photo: Mike Heimowitz/twitter)

So you know how we were all a little bummed (har har) to say goodbye to that delightful series against the Dodgers? I mean really, there’s not much better than shutting our your rival for three straight games to slide into a first place tie.

Well, Madison Bumgarner was there for us tonight, deciding that setting a record for consecutive shutout innings while pitching a one-hit gem (his first career complete game shutout) against the first place Reds was just what we needed to keep our spirits up.

Oh, and did I mention that the Dodgers lost, meaning the Giants are now in sole possession of first place?


I think the Giants might be on to something with this whole “just don’t let the other team ever score” strategy. It’s hard to fault the logic, you know?

Too bad this consecutive scoreless streak won’t hold up tomorr- what? Matt Cain is pitching tomorrow? Oh. Well then. Better make some room for more consecutive zeroes.

MATT CAIN takes on Mike Leake and Dusty Baker’s Reds tomorrow night.


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