Giants Recap: Ain’t Nothing Like a Caining, Maaaaan

It is to my understanding that the Giants played a game of baseball in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today.

Which in righty Ryan Vogelsong and the team was dealt a loss, despite Vogelsong’s better efforts to silence the Pirate ship of Allegheny River. Though not at his sharpest, he pitched more positively than one would expect from a fifth starter.

But, no. It would not be enough for the Giant team. For the offense was not one of worth, nor one of runs. The low scoring ballgame, so it seems, would end up being 3-1, with the Pirates able to commandeer more runs than that San Francisco team.

A finale of sorts is to be played Sunday morning, before a break is to be taken by the team. One Tim Lincecum will be on the pitcher’s mound.


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