Giants Recap: Oh Hai First Place

Dueling narratives. (Photo: Inha Leex Hale/flickr)

Man, I can’t keep the narratives straight anymore.

I do know that

  1. There may or may not be a personal catcher rule in effect, but Hector Sanchez is totally catching Tim Lincecum every start, whether you like it or not.
  2. Tim Lincecum may or may not be back, but the media is totes going to say he is.
  3. Tim Lincecum was pretty awesome tonight.
  4. And with an 8 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 11 K line, why wouldn’t he be?
  5. Hector Sanchez may or may not be the reason why Tim was awesome again tonight, but let’s all just say he is because that’s how it works.

I think that’s all the narratives that happened until the 9th inning. I think.

Anyway, Hector Sanchez is … a backup catcher for a reason. He’s not particularly the best defensively and unfortunately, tonight was the night it really showed.

The game should’ve been over in the top of the 9th with a strikeout, except there was the throwing error and the wild pitch and then, oh, look, the game’s tied. Herpity derp.

So some more herpin’ and derpin’ went on for a couple of innings. There were chances to start a rally but the left on base monster went “HAHA YOU GET NOTHING.”

But then, it was the 12th inning. No one out, Pablo Sandoval and Angel Pagan both on base via singles. Oh, hey, it’s Hector Sanchez at-bat.

Oh, hey, it’s Hector Sanchez with a base hit.

Oh, look, Pablo’s running.

And then, it was a win, which is fabulous. Especially because the Dodgers had lost in the most loltastic way earlier:

Thank you, Padres, for your contribution to the first place efforts.

Alas, it also fueled the narrative machine, in which Sanchez is a hitter who rakes.

But that’s another rant for another day. The Giants win, the Bums lose, and Tim Lincecum with his best outing of the season. Cheers.


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