Giants Recap: So The Second Half Apparently Begins

Madison Bumgarner facing the Astros is usually a fun thing to watch.

Last time he faced them, he hit his first career home run — something that I know I’ve definitely been waiting to see since I heard he hit a grand slam in AA Connecticut. (Remember when the Giants’ AA team was still the Connecticut Defenders and not the Richmond Flying Squirrels? That was, like, three or four seasons ago? What the what now?)

Anyway, tonight, he faced the Astros once again. Seven innings, two hits given up, two walks, one run, five strike outs. Pure awesomness, of course. Sure, someone can credit that also to the fact that it’s the Astros and they don’t exactly have the best team in the National League. But Jose Altuve went 0-for-4 tonight, which means something.

Buster Posey ran massive_dingerz.exe and crushed one into centerfield. It was awesome. That’s Buster Posey.

I would have rather not seen any kind of collision at the plate, even if it was one of the Giants bowling over the opposing catcher. That … was just not pleasant to watch, honestly.

But otherwise, with the exception of the 8th and 9th innings when I was promptly distracted by the internet, it seemed like a good game. And they won! Which is a nice change from losing. But it’s not like there are any other options than that.


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