Giants Recap: Still In First Place!

Matt Cain, though not perfect like he was in his last start against the Astros, pitched one pretty good game today.

6.1 innings pitched, striking out six, giving up only one earned run, two runs total, and one walk. Not shabby at all. Although, he did have that one error that wasn’t nice to look at. But, still, not a terrible outing.

But then, there’s Emmanuel Burriss, he of the .210/.272/.218 line. He’s also the proud owner of a — get this — .008 ISO.

.008. ISO.

And that’s just this season. His career ISO is now at .027.

Now, I don’t exactly expect much from Burriss, but his numbers aren’t too encouraging. I would hope for at least a .030 ISO on the season or career-wise, but he just doesn’t seem like he’s got that in him.

There’s also his .224 wOBA on the season.

So, he can’t hit, he can’t bunt, he fields like there’s going to be lots of pasta diving happening. His base running has a lot to be desired. Yet he’s still on the bench, most likely because he’s out of options. For inexplicable reasons, it’s like Hinshaw 2.0.

Man. Man.

That narrative’s gonna be annoying for a while.

On the bright side, this also happened today:

Thank you, Padres, for doing your job. Giants fans salute you today.


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