No Charges For Sandoval, Says Santa Cruz DA

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

San Francisco Giants’ third baseman Pablo Sandoval will not be charged with sex assault, Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee said Monday.

Sandoval, a 25-year-old Venezuela native nicknamed “Kung Fu Panda,” was accused last month of sexually assaulting a woman he met a bar in downtown Santa Cruz.

The Sheriff’s Office investigated the allegations, speaking with Sandoval and his attorney, conducting numerous interviews and examining physical and biological evidence that was sent to a state laboratory for testing. Sheriff’s investigators concluded last week that there was insufficient evidence to arrest Sandoval in the case.

Those findings were then turned over to Lee’s office for review, who said Monday that no charges will be filed.

“The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Investigation Bureau did an extensive investigation including interviewing witnesses, serving search warrants, reviewing security camera video tapes, text messages, toxicology reports and analyzing physical evidence. Based on review of this thorough investigation, the District Attorney’s Office has reached this same conclusion,” Lee said.

So is it now possible that everyone can stop making unnecessary remarks toward and about the woman and Sandoval? Especially with all the victim blaming? That’d be swell.


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